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Sep 12, 2020

Due to technical difficulties the past couple of weeks and a lovely concussion, we weren't sure we'd get an episode done this week!
But here we are!  Better late than never!

Listen in as Annie Gaumond (head of BRB Marketing and Research) interviews host Melissa Plett! 

Aug 26, 2020

On this Episode we talk with local ( and legend ) Jay Henry of all this Sparta TN!

Beer, caves, guns and more!

Show notes:
Smoking and Covid:

Aug 12, 2020

Join us as we head 3 hours west of Montreal to explore the town that is known for being the birthplace of the NHL!  As we speak to locals and explore, we soon come to realize it should be known for so much more!

Jul 29, 2020

We're once again headed south.  This time to the Sailing Capital of North Carolina!

With a population of just over 900, Oriental NC has had, and continues to have its fair share of excitement!

From hurricanes, to festivals, to small town love and the immediate feeling of 'home' when you first set foot in the town, join...

Jul 15, 2020

This week we discover Cornwall Ontario!

We learn of the city's history, the best tourism, all the amazing places to eat and the spooky stories that haunt some of their historical buildings!